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  • SSP 

Decided to make today a rest day. Yesterday’s 8 miler,the shin pain and the frigid weather seem to have nuked me totally. Looks like I’m drained physically…


  • SSP 

Painful 8 miler at Middlesex fells. Shouldn’t have hit the trails this quickly. Looks like the shin needs to recover a bit more. The weather didn’t make things easier either. Super windy with temps in sub 15F. Today totally ‘felt’ like being out there in the wild. Hopefully the weather gets better tomorrow.


  • SSP 

Someone chickened out and did just 4.5 miles instead of 6. Looks like this week is all downhill in terms of mileage. Regular VFW loop.


  • SSP 

A neat 7 miler to the yoga studio. Miss Me wanted to try out a new dish at Veggie galaxy. Slow but steady pace. Was so looking forward to the fries and apple cider!


  • SSP 

6 miler with just a raccoon sighting. Good pace finishing out in 1:10. The coyotes seem to be hibernating!