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Machine Learning in Python

Introduction Machine learning is one of the hottest new technologies to emerge into popular consciousness in the last decade, transforming fields from consumer electronics and healthcare to retail. This has led to intense curiosity about this field among many students and working professionals about the field.

Pure Smart Passion

Meet Smarty v2.0! The pure needed a fix in the garage. Looks like the passion will give us company for a few days till we sort out issues with the littler one.


2.5 miles around oak square. Resting out the legs. Some cold treatment and hopefully the muscles relax out over the next few days.


A six mile short cut from CHS. Head over to the reservoir and then looped back to newton street via JD auto. No way compensates the 15mile run I had to do yesterday. New route and home by 5. Good days!


The left shin looks to be in trouble and running seems to be stressing it further. I think it’s time to take some steps back and let the body recover.