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Workflow logic

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While responding to one of Tantek’s post today I realized I had to tweak my publishing workflow to pick ‘the’ link I was responding to. Should possibly consider using Colin’s Dom method to fetch article meta…Srikanth Perinkulam


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A parting gift by one of Miss Me’s kids. Moments such as this remind me of two of my best years .. I so miss being a teacher! Srikanth Perinkulam

Lagoony Morning

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Early morning walk by the Charles Esplanade / lagoon. Been wanting to come over to this side for quite sometime now and today happened to be just the right day! Crisp air, early morning spring chill and a good hour long run/walk! Need to do this more regularly. Also time to get into a kayak/sail…

It’s time!

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D-1 day! Hoping the weather system stays just like today’s. All set and packed for the run. Tomorrow by this time I should be somewhere near the finish!