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A parting gift by one of Miss Me’s kids. Moments such as this remind me of two of my best years .. I so miss being a teacher! Srikanth Perinkulam

Lagoony Morning

Early morning walk by the Charles Esplanade / lagoon. Been wanting to come over to this side for quite sometime now and today happened to be just the right day! Crisp air, early morning spring chill and a good hour long run/walk! Need to do this more regularly. Also time to get into a kayak/sail…

It’s time!

D-1 day! Hoping the weather system stays just like today’s. All set and packed for the run. Tomorrow by this time I should be somewhere near the finish!


Farewell Cherokee

Finally let go of the Cherokee today. Served the family well for close to 18 years. Our first ever car that we took care of and was immensely useful during our stay in New York.

Down deep under I still know it’s got so much life and many more miles to go. Thatha took excellent care of it and we did all we could to maintain it. Hoping the new owner continues to do likewise!

Yet another person whom I know would be cross with us for letting go of this vehicle is Pappi. Our super awesome mechanic in NY. Going to be difficult to see him and break the news!