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Science of Survival Ep 17: Drinking Yourself to Death


Srikanth Perinkulam The disguised lure of Hyponatremia. As a long distance runner/hiker this is one valuable lesson. Everything and anything in moderation I guess, is the key. Podcast:Science of Survival Ep 17: Drinking Yourself to Death Water is life, we’re told. But what if you drink too much? As it turns out, there’s a little-discussed…

Null and Void


Yet another brilliant podcast from Radiolab. The first time I heard about the jury system here in the US, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a concept I never knew existed and while weighing the pros and cons of the system, I could never really decide which side weighed more.

This talk runs along that fine ridge and broaches – jury nullification, yet another mighty ‘toolset’ the jury holds.

A Place to Belong


Three years ago, folk singer Joel Shupack set off from Portland, Oregon on his bicycle. The plan was to ride across the entire U.S., all the way to New Hampshire.