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Longwood Station

  • SSP 

A pleasure to see this station so empty. Something here is just so captivating.


  • SSP 

The cloud runner has been spiked! These spikes seem to give amazing traction. Need to figure out a way to keep them from rusting!


Orson Cometh!

  • SSP 

Second major snowstorm for the season. So glad we invested in the snow tires. The brat was a beast on the roads.


  • SSP 

10 miles on the treadmill. Longest distance so far. Not that bad, after all. Looks like I’m getting used to the treadmill much quicker than anticipated. The target was 15 though. Will hopefully play catchup over the next few weeks.


  • SSP 

Finished just 8 miles on the treadmill while the target was 20. Need to get my acts together. With the snow storm worsening, highly unlikely I’ll be able to build any more miles in by EOD…Ughh.