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Shrink – Radiolab

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The definition of life is in flux, complexity is overrated, and humans are shrinking. Source: Shrink – Radiolab

Deep waters

A few days back, I posted an early morning shot in Instagram. I don’t use the app as much as i’d like to; however that morning I spent some time sifting through various posts. A post by maptia totally got my attention.Read More »Deep waters

Important plugins for your WP Installation

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Over the last seven years, since I moved to a self hosted platform I’ve grown really fond of WordPress as a CMS. The ease of its installation and maintenance, the power of scaling, the flexibility to adapt it to your requirements and it’s ever present support framework is something that I’ve really grown to appreciate over time.

I’ve worked on several installations of WordPress and over these years extensively tested quite a few plugins. Read More »Important plugins for your WP Installation

When the city walked…

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December 13th: I can barely keep my head upright. The moment the rick. reaches home, I jump out and deliriously unlock the door, run straight and crash on the bed. The brain defies to accept any more impulses and I sink into oblivion. It’s the first time in twenty four years that I’ve managed to…

Basic First-aid Primer

Couple of weeks back when I received an e-mail from Vibha from the GHAC group regarding a basic first aid certification course, I immediately RSVP’d as YES. This was not something I would miss at any cost. Having miraculously walked out unscathed through two major accidents, it was a lesson learnt the hard way to…