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Notas de mitad de año

  • SSP 

With quite a few things constantly evolving over the last several months, I haven’t actively paid much attention to this space. I’ve posted a few micro posts now and then, but nowhere close to chronicling things as much as I’d like to. This is a quick run down of a few things occupying my mind…


  • SSP 

After a couple unusually warm weeks here in CDMX, looks like the monsoons have finally made their way here! Poured on the way back from work. Wet to the bones and absolutely loved it!


  • SSP 

Built out this cool scooter for S. Kinda neat how they’ve designed this – To turn, the rider needs to lean in the direction of the turn. Not sure if the kiddo will appreciate it. It sure did keep me busy for a couple hours!

Ciclovia Reforma

  • SSP 

S has been thoroughly enjoying these Reforma Sundays. Over the last few weekends she’s scooter-ed till Sofitel and back. Today she wanted to do the ‘Three families bike ride’. Wanted to stop and get photos at her landmarks – The Panda, The archer’s fountain and the Angel Statue. She did ride around 7 miles totally!…

Las Estacas

  • SSP 

A terrific day outing to Las Estacas. Reminded me of our Silver Springs visit in FL about five years ago. S kept mentioning this has been the best outing ever! She surprised us with wanting to jump off a 10ft high swing into the spring. I was hesitant at first – But boy I am…