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Garmin Plugin

Spent some time today quasi-automating the gpx fetch and mapping from garmin. A modified python script fetches the gpx from garmin-connect and builds the map-tiles that I can now embed in my workout posts. I simultaneously back these up in my nextcloud instance for redundancy and am otally thrilled how this is all come together!


Back at MC for a few more loops. 2022-02-08 16:50:49 – MC loops R-W-R 🏃 Ran 2.4 miles in 00:38:43 Pace : 16.14 min/mile. Elevation Gain : 112 ft. Elevation Loss : 870 ft. Calories : 414 Location : Chennai 💓 : 161


As I slowly get back into running, I realized my garmin plugin had a minor bug. When I built this last year, I had inadvertently hard-coded the years field in the summary and the totals for the current year where obviously messed up. For now I’ve patched it with a quick-fix. Will have to automate…


A few laps at MC with S and V. Went in closer to noon and the temps were just right! Nasal only with the mask on. Right after the first lap, I had this tightness in the upper chest which eased out over the next few loops and I definitely could have picked up my…


With the lock-down being lifted, S & I head to the beach. Some slow barefoot running in the sand. Been several (8?) months that I’ve really run and today it was good just being out there. Marina Run 2022-02-05 06:39:02 – Marina Barefoot 🏃 Ran 1 miles in 00:18:42 Pace : 18.7 min/mile. Elevation Loss…