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Desk Organizer

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Bought a desk organizer a few weeks ago to arrange all my micro systems. The NUC, RPi NCP, Odroid and routers all now sit neatly in one space. The sliding shelves are an added bonus and the open back and sides give a lot of space for air circulation and cable management.

Cable talk

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Over the last couple weeks, a colleague and I have been trying to clean up the cable mismanagement behind our racks. To work on the equipment you’re literally standing on about 1 feet of coiled cable mess. This issue has probably been there over the last several years and nobody has paid much attention to…

Tiny troubles

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Of late, the NUC has been getting really hot. Core CPU temperatures were hitting the 80s despite the system being on literally no load. When I first bought it in mid-2020, I was aware that this lineage of tiny monsters were known for their ‘hot’ness and the fan being a bit loud.  Only over the…

State of The Networks – Feb 2022

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A bi-yearly rundown on the state of the home-servers I run and applications I host on the cloud. Published while listening to: Mist of Capricorn ( Manavyalakincharadate ) | Agam A few major changes since the last September update: During the Jan trip, I moved the Odroid XU4 and NCP over to MD. Thanks to…


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After a good one year away from Whatsapp, I’m back on it . This time however, on better terms.  All thanks to the Mautrix bridge and the Matrix protocol.  Essentially, I can access my whatsapp account data on my regular phone or desktop using Elements’ pretty robust app system. Note that the whatsapp app however…