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Snappy Nextcloud

Last year, I procured a Nextcloud box and moved part of my data to it. I'd just heard about Ubuntu Snappy Core OS and was keen on porting my install to that setup. I finally got around doing that last week and thought I'd quickly jot down the install steps for reference later. Essentially, I… Continue Reading

Fired up!

Finally got around procuring a pi3 and setup the Nextcloud Box! Getting this up and running was super fun and pretty straight forward. The OS Image that was delivered with the box was built for the pi2. So I had to format the drive with Gparted and flashed the pi3 image with Etcher (One nifty piece… Continue Reading

Centralized publishing

Early in 2017, I consciously decided to consolidate all my social accounts and use my website as the main 'vehicle' for online interactions. While exploring options, I chanced upon the Indieweb philosopy which seemed to resonate quite a lot with my thoughts. Over the next few weeks I started taking steps to eventually migrate my publishing… Continue Reading

Migrations, Workflows and Awesomeness

Since mid 2016, I've been wanting to consolidate all the portals I manage. Having set them up on separate domain spaces, It was getting excruciatingly difficult to update/maintain/upgrade them. The admin interface at times was dead slow and I had restrictions with server permissions which wasn't quite helpful. My first thought was to procure a home server and… Continue Reading

Enabling WiFi from the terminal

After a few rough beta installs of the OS, I decided to do a clean install of  Freya. It's been a smooth sail so far but for the intermittent WiFi disconnects. For some reason the WiFi gets soft disabled at times. Until I figure out what's causing this to happen and for future reference here's a nifty… Continue Reading

Updates from Epiphany

End of Year Showcase: Today was the last day of the academic year for the kids. We got them to put up a small act as an End of Year showcase and invited their parents to come witness it. The idea was to get parents to be more invested in their kids education besides building… Continue Reading

Dual booting Multiple OS

Hosting more that one OS on your hard disk can be a pain if you're not really sure on configuring the boot loader. I'll confine the scope of this post to parenting only Debian based Linux OS ( Ubuntu ) and WIndoze. Because for the most part of it, I've only worked on them. Why… Continue Reading

Passwords and Security

Just ten minutes before I was supposed to leave for work yesterday,  I had this remote urge to get back Hardy running on my desktop. I had it installed but because of a windows re-install, the GRUB boot menu was overwritten. So all that I had to do was to re-install Grub!  Powered the CPU , inserted Gutsy's… Continue Reading

The Heron’s up there in the Servers!

The Ubuntu family has now doled out their latest OS - Ubuntu 8.04 code named - Hardy Heron. This release is more than different when compared to it's previous releases. Majorly because it's got a Wubi installer which facilitates installation directly from a Windows platform. The OS gets installed on the same partition just like… Continue Reading

Damn! It’s all black!

Having something of you own definitely costs you a penny more! I moved over my Wordpress blog to a self hosted domain about a month back. It wasn't much of a problem to start out with. But of late the loose threads are soon popping up!  Server down time, FTP issues, Database issues , linking issues to… Continue Reading

Transition from v1.0 to v2.0

I was just sifting through a few of my previous posts couple of minutes back and even before I realized, something came in as a wonderful surprise. My first post was dated March 10th ‘07 and that means It’s been exactly one year that I started rambling on Wordpress. It’s been a wonderful journey all… Continue Reading

Ipaper – Scribd

Ever thought how good it would have been if you were able to portray your documents in a much appealing format rather than the normal linked form? If you could portray a totally different way of representing your documents? I was scouting for something on those lines when I chanced up on this site. Looked… Continue Reading

Ipaper – Scribd

document.write(''); Read this doc on Scribd: FRENCH SNIPPETS var scribd_doc = new scribd.Document(2194749, 'key-21rsrum9pvbeqnvcf02h'); scribd_doc.addParam('height', 500); scribd_doc.addParam('width', 450); scribd_doc.addParam('page', 1); scribd_doc.addParam('mode', 'book'); scribd_doc.write('embedded_flash_2194749_17rttg'); Continue Reading