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Liked:What will you do with your surplus?

Liked: What will you do with your surplus?

Seth Godin on his blog: If you have a safe place to sleep, reasonable health and food in the fridge, you’re probably living with surplus. You have enough breathing room to devote an hour to watching TV, or having an argument you don’t need to have, or simply messing around online.

Liked:An Indian soldier explains what Pakistani Soldiers think about Indian Army

Liked: An Indian soldier explains what Pakistani Soldiers think about Indian Army

Indian army and Pakistan army have fought several wars with a proxy war going in Kashmir since 1990. We can think whatever we want to, but we actually don’t know how soldiers behave when they get to interact with each other.

Liked:Not giving up on IndieWeb

Liked: Not giving up on IndieWeb

I know this only an ego trip, but I’d like to get back to having comments enabled on my website. That part is actually quite easy. There is a good Comments plugin for Grav that I have tested locally and it does a nice job.

Liked:Seriously Simple Podcasting: Including all Episodes in the Podcast RSS Feed

Liked: Seriously Simple Podcasting: Including all Episodes in the Podcast RSS Feed

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a great WordPress plugin for hosting your own podcast. However, the number of episodes it includes in the RSS feed is tied to the number of items you include in all your other RSS feeds as well.

Liked:MassUltra to Provide Live Coverage of the Vermont 100

Liked: MassUltra to Provide Live Coverage of the Vermont 100

WEST WINDSOR, Vt. – More than 70 Massachusetts ultrarunners are headed north this weekend to take part in the 29th running of the Vermont 100, and MassUltra is going on the road to cover the action as the race unfolds.

Liked:David Shanske

Liked: David Shanske

On my way to Manila, I stopped off in Portland, Oregon for the annual Indieweb Summit. It was actually the other way around. I was going to Portland, and it was suggested I should just keep going.

Liked:« Oatmeal

Liked: « Oatmeal

Home for the next month while we wait for our place in Portland to open up. 1 room with electricity and internet. No running water. Priorities.

Liked:Medawisla Lodge and Cabins

Liked: Medawisla Lodge and Cabins

After we concluded our Mount Katahdin Adventure, and bid adieu to our family and friends, Debbie, the kids, and I drove from Baxter State Park to Medawisla Lodge and Cabins near Kokadjo, Maine. We pulled out our Maine Gazetteer (there was no cell service, hence no Google Maps) and navigated a patchwork of logging roads.

Liked:Summer Reading For Your Woke Kid

Liked: Summer Reading For Your Woke Kid

Social activist Innosanto Nagara wanted to find a fun book to read to his 2-year-old son that also talked about the importance of social justice. He wasn’t looking for the typical fiction written for children, instead, he was looking for unique narratives — by writers of color and/or authors who can speak about social issues through their own experiences.

Liked:Pessimistic induction

Liked: Pessimistic induction

One of my favorite ideas from recent memory is pessimistic induction. As usual, a quick search finds plenty of smarter people who thought of it before me and easily refuted it. Even so, it’s oddly compelling, a gem of a misconception.

Liked:2017 Mount Katahdin Adventure

Liked: 2017 Mount Katahdin Adventure

The four-day July 4th weekend was about as good as it gets. Any weekend when a group of family and friends were 17 for 17 in Mt. Katahdin summit bids, is a good one.

Liked:« Oatmeal

Liked: « Oatmeal

Liked:View posts by category

Liked: View posts by category

Liked:Perk of being up at 3 AM

Liked: Perk of being up at 3 AM

Liked:Preview of Sunlit 2.0

Liked: Preview of Sunlit 2.0

A few years ago, Jon Hays and I built an app for photos called Sunlit, powered by the API. We evolved it to work with other services, like Flickr and Instagram, but as faded away we could never justify the investment to rewrite significant parts of the app to bring it forward and keep it relevant.