Liked:Expanding my movement practice: Push hands

Liked: Expanding my movement practice: Push hands I haven’t written much yet about adding push hands to my movement practice, mainly because I don’t feel competent to describe it well. Push hands is a taiji training technique—a way to learn how to accept and redirect force. Srikanth Perinkulam

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Reminds me to clean up my facepiles too! Liked: Facepile Lives Rough, but any new ‘like’ webmention to my site will be given a ‘like’ custom comment type and displayed in a facepile. Still need to convert the existing ones. See both previous (for now) and new likes on this post about Fr. Srikanth Perinkulam

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Liked: Meaningful HTML What are Microformats? Microformats are a simple way to add more meaning to your HTML. How do you use Microformats? Srikanth Perinkulam

Liked:IndieWebifying my website: part 1, the why & how

Liked: IndieWebifying my website: part 1, the why & how I’ve decided to re-design my personal website, My primary reason is to become a full-fledged member of the IndieWeb community. If I’m writing about Open Web technologies here on AltPlatform, then I ought to be eating my own dog food. Srikanth Perinkulam

Liked: Desktop I’ve been using for a few weeks now. The new way of posting and owning my own content is growing on me and I am really enjoying posting to my own site again. One thing I found was I wasn’t really interacting much during the day, I put this down to…

Liked: Hackintosh, day 1 I finished setting up the Hackintosh and worked from it all day today. It. Was. Srikanth Perinkulam

Srikanth Perinkulam Liked: HOWTO – Setting up the Selfoss Feed Reader with microformats support This post will show how to install the Selfoss feed reader with Aaron Parecki’s additions to support reading weblogs and websites that include support for microformats. This post assumes that you have a hosting account with PHP support.

Srikanth Perinkulam Liked: Why Are They Doing it That Way? That’s Dumb. So, this tweet reminds me of a lesson taught by a chef early in my career.