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Big Bear

Out for coffee at Big Bear in Dedham. Again a family run cafe with some real interesting and tasty eats. The huge picture of a bear on one of the walls was captivating. Also, the 'Caution, Bears in this area' right near the pedestrian crossing was pretty tounge-in-cheek! Just before we left, had a quick… Continue Reading

Al wadi

Decided to head to Al wadi for some Lebanese food. Was in for a pleasant surprise as we entered. I cross this restaurant almost every time I run the VFW route and never really thought it would be as 'decked up' from the looks outside. Some real good choice and tasty food. Besides they also… Continue Reading


An unplanned dine out at Coppersmith. Miss Me had bought a few raffle tickets for the Girls on the Run Boston Marathon fund raiser event. She's coaching a team in her school and heard about the event through them. Got there pretty early and had about 2 hours to kill. Neither were into drinking and… Continue Reading

Broken Grounds

A coffee date (read breakfast) at the Broken Grounds Cafe. Pretty tiny place with a small seating area. Food was pretty good and seemed to have quite a few vegan options. The house coffee I had was a bit on the bitter side. Should have checked before ordering. Highly likely we won't be revisiting but… Continue Reading

Ayurveda 101

Miss Me started her Ayurveda Training 101 this weekend. Super excited about the things she's going to learn. Her instructor has been an Ayurveda consultant for about 20 years now. We've been following her recipes for the last few months and it definitely has introduced us to some new and tasty meals. Yesterday they were… Continue Reading

Daphne retreat

A long drive after a long time followed by the laziest productive weekend so far. Early morning soccer talk walks, IKEA mending, pedicure with the family, new restaurant digs, some tech geeking and a lot of down time on the couch. Took the scenic driveway to Penn and 76N to cut into NJ instead of… Continue Reading