March 4, 2021 21:05

A fascinating talk by Jonah Edwards to the Internet Archive staff. They manage ~200PB of data in-house!


I recently had to turn on images in a particular e-mail to read a specific piece of content which I thought was interesting. It’s alarming and rather obscene how images are used in certain newsletters to convey a simple wall of text. Thanks, no thanks – I’m unsubscribing right away! And while we’re on that…


Testing out a very primitive form of webactions. If the code works the way it runs in my mind, twitter specific response buttons should show up below this text! Need to spend more time later to add markup for indie-action. Srikanth Perinkulam like reply repost

Hoopla Reading

Biggest find so far this weekend! Just realized one could borrow upto 10 digital titles (audiobooks, e-books, music and video) a month from hoopla via a local library. Started reading What doesn’t kill us by Scott Carney. Shantaram has been on the back burner for quite sometime now. Hopefully will get to it soon. like…

Rained out!

The weekends’ here and the weather looks perfect. Thundershowers forecast for most of tomorrow and a hazy Sunday. Should get some longish miles out there. Reminds me of the innumerable weekends spent hiking along the western ghats checking forts off the list and snacking off the roadside! Will probably head to noon reservation tomorrow. Was…