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Testing out a very primitive form of webactions. If the code works the way it runs in my mind, twitter specific response buttons should show up below this text! Need to spend more time later to add markup for indie-action.

Hoopla Reading

Biggest find so far this weekend! Just realized one could borrow upto 10 digital titles (audiobooks, e-books, music and video) a month from hoopla via a local library.

Started reading What doesn’t kill us by Scott Carney. Shantaram has been on the back burner for quite sometime now. Hopefully will get to it soon.

Rained out!

The weekends’ here and the weather looks perfect. Thundershowers forecast for most of tomorrow and a hazy Sunday. Should get some longish miles out there.

Reminds me of the innumerable weekends spent hiking along the western ghats checking forts off the list and snacking off the roadside!

Will probably head to noon reservation tomorrow. Was initially thinking early morning around 4ish. But given the weather will probably join the TARC folks later in the day. Miles ahead!


Miss Me and I went for an observation class of Ashtanga at Down Under Yoga before work. Been on cards for a while now and we finally decided to give it a shot today.
To be honest, looks pretty daunting and mesmerizing! Given my flexibility, rather the lack of it, this is going to be pretty interesting!


Need to figure out why certain #webmentions from my site are being sent as anonymous. Adding that to my ever expanding list of to-do’s.

Since I started tweaking my portal and started getting deeper into the code, there’s been a constant fire in my brain to further tweak and tinker with things. This is addictive!


A quick 3.2 mile run around the reservoir followed by about 2hrs of tennis with the family. Back to the game after about four years. Rusty hands and not great hand eye coordination. Nevertheless, great evening out with the family!


As planned a few days back, I rewrote some back-end code to minimize the dependency on the workflow app and better integrate with direct desktop publishing. But for a  few isolated kinks, this should be set. This should now give me more flexibility to post from indie publishing platforms and set the stage for other enhancements.

Tweaks and squeaks

Strongly considering setting up an updated workflow to publish from my mobile device. Currently chunk of the processing is handled by and within the ‘workflow’ app. Should probably move those controls from the app over to a custom function for better flexibility. This long weekend should be a good timeframe to get the wheels rolling.

Also the workflow app seems to be picking up an additional variable – calshow in urls from posts that are responses. Need to figure out what’s churning there!


Building on yesterday’s work, I went ahead and setup some code to better display post responses. This website now supports facepiles! There’s a bit of work left in terms of design and visual appeal but I guess most part of the job is done!

Or, shall we?

Spent sometime today troubleshooting two pesky issues.

Having switched to a new theme I realized my publishing workflow wasn’t fetching comments from Instagram posts. The Dsgnwrks plugin was fetching the images fine.  But since I’d missed adding the syndication link for to work its magic, the comments were not being back fed. This should be an easy fix. Probably I’ll use the custom fields that dsgnwrks creates and update syndication links field using  a quick custom function.

The second issue was that the new theme wasn’t displaying webmentions. What should have been a quick fix, took me some time to figure out that the comment block was only being called if there were any ‘comment’ type comments. Quickly added an ‘or’ to check for ‘webmention’ type comments too and that was set. One of those pesky ‘must have caught earlier’ issues!

Now that these have been sorted out, I’ll probably work on displaying these ‘likes’ as facepiles.


LetsEncrypt makes you feel you’re doing highly technical stuff, yet makes it so simple to install certificates. I’d defer auto-renewals just to get to the meat every 90 days!

Custom fields

Enabled support for auto creation of a custom field ‘cfkind’ while creating a new post!


Tickets to India booked! Boy, it’s already been 4 years…Can’t wait for the awesomeness in store!

Status, Yo

Crude status note to check some crisp code setup to auto set the taxonomy in WP!


Came across a really interesting open source book publishing platform – Pressbooks. Appa’s book dream is so much more closer! Adding that to my list of personal projects.