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Maui whales

  • SSP 

The only regret I have from our recent trip to Maui is my zero involvement in any of the trip planning. We could have gone kayaking to see the whales up close. Such a missed opportunity…Next time I guess!


Setup a basic gallery page on my website that automatically updates and displays thumbnails from all my posts. Turned out to be a fun mini project and I’ve now scratched a long time itch!

Globo aerostático

  • SSP 

Some good time up in the air above the Teotihuacán pyramids. Flight was super smooth and with us landing right over a cactus field, the ending was even better!

Junior ranger

  • SSP 

Working with S on her first ever Junior ranger activity sitting right above the clouds. The park ranger sneaked in an ‘eating vegetables’ pact in her oath and handed over a pretty cool wooden badge.

Leleiwi overlook trail

  • SSP 

Super short hike up to the overlook. Absolutely mesmerized to see the Tradewinds holding down the sea of clouds!