Philip, You could take practicing your compassion several levels over by driving in Indian traffic. Trust me, I’ve tried doing what your friend suggested several times and finally chose a better solution – let my wife drive. She’s either transcended to zen mode or got way too numbed down with the incessant honking and haphazard, needless lane shifting. And when I really have to drive or am able to get an eye-contact, I’ve started throwing flying kisses at strangers. It works a charm for that nano-second. Helps me keep calm and drive-on!

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Many years ago I read a pretty good book: How to Want What You Have by Timothy Miller. It teaches what is basically a stripped down, secularized Buddhism as a way to make yourself happier. I was reminded of it because I’ve just read 10% Happier by Dan Harris, which covers similar material. I’d r…

Rightfully so! There are two beaches with the same name on both coasts of the peninsular region.

The one in Trivandrum is way better than the one I biked to on the east coast. Kerala is bestowed with some really good scenic places. I did a long backpacking trip several years ago. Some of my best memories of exploring that state!

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Jackie has told me stories of her visits to Kovalam Beach from when she was living in Trivandrum! She was puzzled by your map, though, which seems to show something on the right coast. Isn’t Kovalam on the left coast?
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If you haven’t yet, you should read Scott Carney’s book on environmental conditioning. I think it’s called ‘What Doesn’t kill us’ and is a beautiful dive in to Wim Hoff’s breathing methods to manipulate the immune system.

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After suffering from SAD for half my life, I’ve had it pretty good the past few years. Last year in particular was actually great—it was like I was a regular person. This year has not gotten off to a good start, with gloom pressing in on me before we’d even reached Halloween.

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Syncthing looks pretty interesting. I’ll probably give it a shot for another project of mine. Thanks for the pointer.

For the pi3 setup, one USB port supports both the keyboard and mouse, while another serves the hard disk, leaving two more ports free. I use an hdmi adapter for the screen. Once I get a better hang of using the raw power of the Ubuntu core, I’ll probably be able to put the pi3 to better use!

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I need to do this, although my brother wants me to use Syncthing. Our plan is to each sync to our own home server, and then sync our home servers to each other so that we have an off-site backup of our important data.

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