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February 3, 2024 04:24

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Replied to Weekly Notes 05/2024 | Thejesh GN by Thejesh GN (

I reached Gokarna/Kumta this evening along with friends. The ride was long but smooth and fun. The BluArmour communication setup among us makes riding together fun. I will write about the ride and gadget later this week. Last Friday, I did my first ride after ~14 years. We went to Lepakshi and Penugonda Fort. It was

Infyblogs and the internal BB were a great place to hang out! Over the last couple decades, haven’t quite  found a thriving network that is anywhere similar to those channels. Thinking of it, my foray into Linux was solely due to InfyLUG! Wonder if they still have those running!

January 8, 2024 00:35

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Replied to Workouts! by Philip BrewerPhilip Brewer (

Although I haven’t quite achieved my aspirational goal of doing all the workouts I want to do, I have been getting workouts in, and they’ve been going pretty well. Last week I did my club swinging workout twice, my kettlebell clean & press workout, my kettlebell swing workout, and my HEMA practi…

Ouch! You probably need to get their Expedition edition for 2024.

Fred – Senior Citizen Assistant

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Replied to Fred by Francesco SchwarzFrancesco Schwarz (

What’s the point of leaving a teeny tiny artifact of memories of a human being in the form of an article on this website that no one will read? Probably none, I just do it for myself. Or maybe just to process what I experienced.

Also I guess to subconsciously coax more people to do it? This is a fascinating concept and I wish something that was replicated widely.

Wills and plans

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Replied to Ask the Readers: Resources for Writing a Will? by J.D.Roth (Get Rich Slowly)

Last Friday, I drove from Corvallis to Portland to help my cousin, Duane. Duane has been living with throat cancer for several years now, but in recent months

I used the Tomorrow app to set one up for my family a few years ago. Also last year, I setup an End Plan Document to help them pick the loose ends. Honestly, it’s helped me document things better.

Monarca Expedition

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Our Swan Plant had one microscopic Monarch caterpillar on it when a friend offered to bring some of her surplus caterpillars round. Of course I accepted. Hers are much much bigger.
Large Monarch caterpillar on a Swan Plant.

@Miraz Beautiful! Reminded me of the Monarch butterfly and this terrific paragliding expedition – Memory transcending generations!