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Replied to:IndieWeb podcast club

Love the idea! Essentially I guess this falls into the bigger picture of organically building 'Indiweb groups' which gets people more engaged in discussions around the open-web (and otherwise!) and would be a welcoming segway for those who are already on the verge of taking that step! in reply to: IndieWeb podcast club …like a… Continue Reading

Replied to:Taipei Traffic

That anomaly grows exponentially with the density of traffic :). You could barely go fast with so many vehicles around you and the thrill of scraping past the other vehicles keeps you hyper alert! I'm eagerly looking forward to driving back in India later this year, after four years here in the US. Wonder if… Continue Reading

Ha, Not quite sure where I picked that from. Thanks for the pointer. For some reason, yours didn't show up either..Will take a look at that later today. Social Thoughts Thanks Srikanth, good to know that they’re useful. I figured that documenting the journey is good for both myself and others, having a record of… Continue Reading

Response to Colin’s post

I really like your 'how-to' getting plugged posts, Colin! Always something to glean! Most of the improvisations I make on my site have been pretty crude - I dice the meat in an mu-plugin (essentially a custom functions file) and leave it at that. I really need to work on better documenting or standardizing my… Continue Reading

Response hooks

That's an interesting take. I use the workflow app in tandem with some custom code to send reactions/responses to posts. WP has a pretty neat 'workflow' integration. Essentially, I just map my post to the corresponding post kind using a custom field. Continue Reading