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Philip, You could take practicing your compassion several levels over by driving in Indian traffic. Trust me, I’ve tried doing what your friend suggested several times and finally chose a better solution – let my wife drive. She’s either transcended to zen mode or got way too numbed down with the incessant honking and haphazard, needless lane shifting. And when I really have to drive or am able to get an eye-contact, I’ve started throwing flying kisses at strangers. It works a charm for that nano-second. Helps me keep calm and drive-on!

Rightfully so! There are two beaches with the same name on both coasts of the peninsular region.

The one in Trivandrum is way better than the one I biked to on the east coast. Kerala is bestowed with some really good scenic places. I did a long backpacking trip several years ago. Some of my best memories of exploring that state!

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If you haven’t yet, you should read Scott Carney’s book on environmental conditioning. I think it’s called ‘What Doesn’t kill us’ and is a beautiful dive in to Wim Hoff’s breathing methods to manipulate the immune system.

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After suffering from SAD for half my life, I’ve had it pretty good the past few years. Last year in particular was actually great—it was like I was a regular person. This year has not gotten off to a good start, with gloom pressing in on me before we’d even reached Halloween.

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Syncthing looks pretty interesting. I’ll probably give it a shot for another project of mine. Thanks for the pointer.

For the pi3 setup, one USB port supports both the keyboard and mouse, while another serves the hard disk, leaving two more ports free. I use an hdmi adapter for the screen. Once I get a better hang of using the raw power of the Ubuntu core, I’ll probably be able to put the pi3 to better use!

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I need to do this, although my brother wants me to use Syncthing. Our plan is to each sync to our own home server, and then sync our home servers to each other so that we have an off-site backup of our important data.

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I’ve really liked Standard Notes and Simplenote. Both have markdown, tag support and sync across machines. I’d weigh in on the former for encryption and the latter for version control.
I’ve never used nvAlt, so not quite sure what I’m stacking against.

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Internet! I need help. I’ve been using nvALT for years and years, and have years and years of content in it.

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Hilarious! 🙂

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POSSE For quite a while now, I’ve been publishing most of my content to my personal website first and syndicating copies of it to social media silos like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook. Within the Indieweb community this process is known as POSSE an acronym for Post on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.

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Philip, I dynamically add the ‘Liked:’ and ‘Replied to:’ phrase to the title of the post using some crude code in my back-end. Essentially, I use a couple of workflows to fetch the link/article details and then add the markup et al using a custom functions in my wp install. Would be more than happy to share them if you’re interested in taking a look.

Also I noticed your posts are not marked up with microformats for like and replies. The Indieweb PressThis bookmarklet should ideally add the necessary microformat markup to your posts. For some reason, It doesn’t seem to be doing so. I’ll take a look later today to see what’s transpiring there.

Depending on your publishing preference there are a few other alternatives. Not sure if you’ve explored these already:

  • Quill : Aaron’s posting interface works great on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Omnibear : Keith’s Chrome bookmarklet
  • Using the Bookmarklet Free or URL Forwarder apps on android and tweaking the settings mentioned in one of Chris Aldrich’s notes
  • The WordPress plugin developed by Colin Walker which coupled with his workflows could be used to post from an apple device.

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That previous post was an attempt to “like” this post using IndieWeb Press This. I’d used the tool successfully earlier, but this time I didn’t see the “Liked:” prefix on the post (and I don’t see the “Reply:” prefix on this one).

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Thanks for setting this up, Chris! Some interesting plugins out there on the WP front.

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I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while, but I’ve finally started a stub in the Indieweb wiki for the topic . There is a rapidly growing group of writers and journalists who have been joining the Indieweb movement, and it’s long overdue to create a list of resources specific to the topic to help out ourselves and others in the future.

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I absolutely love the WP-GPX plugin! It takes an additional step to fetch the individual gpx file manually and upload it to your server to use the short code. However, the pain is absolutely worth it. And I’m sure there’s a way to automate this process. I also remember having an issue with it not displaying the HR graph for my uploads. Yet another thing that I need to work on!

There’s no turning back, Ever since I moved on to using Elementary OS and the Turtle Sports app!

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I really like to gather and play with data from my workouts, but I dislike the way the tools I use to gather it tie me to their own websites for analysis and display—and in particular the way they always want to spin up their own scripts on my website when I want to display the data here.

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This sounds pretty interesting, Philip. Something I should consider adding to my workout regimen. I’ve always had a tough time coordinating my limbs and following flow sequences. Several years back after a failed attempt at learning Kalaripayettu , I was heavily demoralized. My flexibility seemed to be abysmally low and I had a real tough time getting back to group classes.

Earlier this month my wife finally got me to sign up for Ashtanga Yoga. It’s only been a few weeks and I already see tremendous improvement in my ability to focus, coordinate my moves and remember sequences. I guess the break in between was much needed…

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My most recent addition to my movement practice, just started, is animal movements. These are basically just ground exercises where the shapes are inspired by animal movements: Bear and Crab crawls, Ape and Duck walks, transitions from one to another.

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Love the idea! Essentially I guess this falls into the bigger picture of organically building ‘Indiweb groups’ which gets people more engaged in discussions around the open-web (and otherwise!) and would be a welcoming segway for those who are already on the verge of taking that step!

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…like a book club, but for podcasts, and distributed over the indieweb. Anyone interested? Here is how I imagine it would work.

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Wow, didn’t realize this was 12 years in the making! Hats off for all the efforts!

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🎂 turned 12 today! This year: active community members are blogging on

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That anomaly grows exponentially with the density of traffic :). You could barely go fast with so many vehicles around you and the thrill of scraping past the other vehicles keeps you hyper alert!

I’m eagerly looking forward to driving back in India later this year, after four years here in the US. Wonder if my muscle memory would still work it’s magic and if the impulse will play along!

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Back in the early 2000s I worked for a Taiwanese company (Acer) and travelled reasonably frequently to Taiwan. At the time I blogged a little on a site called H2G2 – the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition – inspired by the late, great Douglas Adams.

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Couldn’t resist replying! At times I feel I bought my Kindle for the cover 🙂

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Torn between Saturday morning laziness and wanting to get work done at the house before it gets hot I opted to walk down to get coffee and read. I’ll be sweating later but at least I’ll be awake. For #thirtyhappy 22, Starbucks within walking distance. 23, how awesome is that Kindle cover

Ha, Not quite sure where I picked that from. Thanks for the pointer. For some reason, yours didn’t show up either..Will take a look at that later today.

Social Thoughts

Thanks Srikanth, good to know that they’re useful. I figured that documenting the journey is good for both myself and others, having a record of how I achieved things means I can go back to it in future to remind myself how to do something or to improve it as I learn more.