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Installing Trilium Notes

I wrote this guide initially for the Hetzner community. Posting here for posterity. Trilium Notes is a hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge bases. See the Trilium Github page for more details. In this tutorial we will deploy a Trilium instance to install this open source and self-hosted alternative to…

Screenshare using Signal

I was tweaking my OBS Studio settings earlier this morning and noticed I could install a virtual camera on my machine. Once this add-on is installed and activated, it essentially exposes OBS studio ‘scenes’ as an input that any conferencing software could use instead of the webcam feed. This effectively translates to sharing your screen…

The interesting hydrodynamics of big ships

Bookmarked The bank effect and the big boat blocking the Suez (

Lataire wrote his dissertation on a similar phenomenon as a ship passes close to a bank: the bank effect. The water speeds up, the pressure drops, the stern pulls into the bank and, particularly in shallow water, the bow gets pushed away. Stern one way, bow the other. A boat that had been steaming is suddenly spinning. It’s a well-identified phenomenon; in 2009 Ghent University’s Shallow Water Knowledge Centre put together a whole conference about it. Clever pilots on the Elbe, according to Lataire, will use it to shoot around a bend.

However: the more water a ship displaces, the stronger the effect. And the closer the side of the hull is to the shore, the stronger the effect. The bigger the ship, the faster the bow shoots away from the bank.

A fascinating article that outlines what might have triggered the ‘Ever Given’ to get stuck in the Suez canal.

March 27, 2021 06:09

@tnpoliceoffl What would it take for you to legalize or make it mandatory for all ambulances to drive on the opposite direction of traffic flow? I’ve seen this in Uganda and it’s amazing how swift they’re able to beat the traffic. Oncoming traffic has no option but to make way.


We hit the road this morning and head down south to Mahabalipuram. I of-course had my bucket-list of intriguing places that I’d like to explore on the route. However, with four kids and five adults and then the heat, I had very low expectations of exploring much. The focus was just to have more outdoor…