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Srikanth Perinkulam

Fred – Senior Citizen Assistant

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What’s the point of leaving a teeny tiny artifact of memories of a human being in the form of an article on this website that no one will read? Probably none, I just do it for myself. Or maybe just to process what I experienced.

Also I guess to subconsciously coax more people to do it? This is a fascinating concept and I wish something that was replicated widely.


Exactly a decade ago, I landed on Posterous Spaces. This was before any of the currently common messaging platforms that exist were built. M wanted a way to backup texts and at that point in time, Posterous Spaces looked like a terrific option. We’d email the texts over to an email address and they’d be…


TIL about OpenAPS [Open Artificial Pancreatic System Project]. A fascinating take on owning medical data related to ones’ sugar levels and automating insulin intake for folks with Type1Diabetes. I never knew managing T1D was so complicated until I read Graham Jenson’s post. My uncle had a close call recently with super low sugar levels. Can’t…


The Arabian sea – shimmering bright orange with the diffused reflection of the dusking sun, was way too tempting. With strong currents and offshore winds, It’s been an intense couple hours. Not much wave riding for all that paddling. Before we called it a day, I decided to paddle one last time past the frothy…

State of The Networks – Feb 2022

A bi-yearly rundown on the state of the home-servers I run and applications I host on the cloud. Published while listening to: Mist of Capricorn ( Manavyalakincharadate ) | Agam A few major changes since the last September update: During the Jan trip, I moved the Odroid XU4 and NCP over to MD. Thanks to…