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Liberty Dam Hike

  • SSP 

A bright December weekend calls for a quick hike with the brothers! Here for the third time this year, and it still mesmerizes me!

Lagoony Morning

  • SSP 

Early morning walk by the Charles Esplanade / lagoon. Been wanting to come over to this side for quite sometime now and today happened to be just the right day! Crisp air, early morning spring chill and a good hour long run/walk! Need to do this more regularly. Also time to get into a kayak/sail…

Ragnar – Washington DC

  • SSP 

One of most exhilarating (and wet) runs so far. The night run with pitch dark trails and just Joaquin for company made this one unforgettable experience.  Reminded me of the Katrabai Pass hike back in India.  The Ragnar Appalachians still remains unchecked!

The Ammi-Abba race

  • SSP 

Most of this term, we’ve been making a conscious effort to get the kids down to the playground and smell some dust. Early this month as we were trying to infuse the elements of team work in them, we decided to get them to do the ‘Amoeba race’. After a brief description of ‘Amoeba’ we…

Brain Gate

  • SSP 

Asked the kids to form a song/poem for their kingdom. This is what one of the teams came up with in fifteen minutes! Read: Our team love me so much. I also love them. Thank you. Math Oh Math you are so great. I know this addition so how much I eating I can tell…