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S just got back from a week long camping trip in Pipiol. This is the first time she’s been away from M or me overnight and she seems to have handled it real well! Super proud of her! All credit goes to her school for prepping the class right from the very beginning of the…

July 6, 2023 12:39

  • SSP 

S had a seemingly sudden meltdown on the way back from her roller skating class asking for a ‘Hello Kitty Donut’. She hopped off her bike and said she won’t ride it until we got her one that very instant. M told her we could talk about it once we’re home. The looming thunder clouds…

Trolley trail

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This first, we wanted to take Miss S out for some good time outdoors. With various factors at play, we haven’t had that mental space to prioritize this over the last few months and this is something we definitely wanted to change this year. The Trolley trail was an easy pick since we’d already been…

Breezy shadows

  • SSP 

Most evenings when her mom heads downstairs to the gym for a yoga class, this little munchkin and I, head over to the terrace for some ‘outside’ time. She insists on getting her tricycle along – handlebars all donned with Christmas ornaments and the rear storage bin full of random trinkets and toys. Rarely does she really ride it. 

Reflections by the rail line

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@Number Nine Trolley trail Took appa out for a walk here. Shasta had a great time trying to ‘skip stones’. Well, throwing more than skipping…