Tag: Hiking

Franconia Ridge Hike

Sometime around midnight we reach a bridge with one side of its' railing non-existent. I sprint ahead and heave a sigh of relief when I notice the 'Old Bridle trail'[OBT] signboard high up on a tree. This confirms this is 'the' bridge that we've been looking out for, for the past few hours and that… Continue Reading

Depths of darkness

There is something just so mystic about wandering in the darkness and into the woods. The intermittent gusts of chilled wind, the shadows of  the branches meandering round the corner,  the winding trail that leads to yet another destination, the high rising hills exacerbating the vastness of the valley ahead, the rustle of the leaves hinting the plausible… Continue Reading

The Kalsubai Call…

14th Mar ´09 18:15hrs. We´re half way up the first stage and my cell beeps with a message - ´Debi has a fatal fall. Critical. Call ASAP´. Limited network on the hillock just does not allow the call to fall through.  Debashish and a couple of his friends had been to Kerala and were scaling… Continue Reading

The Ratangad Trek

Around 3:00am in the morning, a cup of hot masala tea by the roadside gives me just the required warmth to keep aloof the frigid weather. As I stare out onto the winding roads ideally focussing nowhere, just another smile spans across with the very thought that I'm not heading back to Hyderabad without accomplishing… Continue Reading

The Bhimashankar trek

Approximately 2000 feet above MSL as you cling to your dear life with those nimble fingers, along the crevices of a rock overlooking a deep valley; All you get to sense is the rush of blood across your veins up to your brains! For those few seconds, as you're left with nothing but just sheer… Continue Reading