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Leleiwi overlook trail

  • SSP 

Super short hike up to the overlook. Absolutely mesmerized to see the Tradewinds holding down the sea of clouds!

La Joya Izta Volcan hike

  • SSP 

I’ve been wanting to scout out the Izta-Popo national park ever since I got a sneak peek at the volcanoes while in Ikea a few months ago. Several blogs pointed at exploring this region by doing the La Joya traverse which essentially gets one to the base of the Iztaccihuatl volcano. I head out this…

Cerro San Miguel Hike

  • SSP 

At 12,220 ft and after a 3-hour climb, it felt like home and more importantly I felt real strong. This was my first decent hike in quite some time now and I was pleasantly surprised my body wasn’t really complaining. Early this month, M and I spoke about getting back into the hiking circuit. It’s…

Sugarloaf Mountain

  • SSP

Took A out for a short hike up Sugarloaf Mountain. More of a hill than a mountain! This one’s a quick 25min hike up to the summit and has some real nice views on the top. The trail generally gets super crowded but looks like the cold weather did keep the majority indoors. A got…

Franconia, yet again.

  • SSP 

The initial plan was to hike up to Greenleaf hut by the Old bridle trail and summit Mt. Lafayette at the crack of dawn. Sunrise on the ridge would have been terrific and the switchbacks on the way down would have been just perfect! However, Mountain weather forecast on Thursday indicated a cold front approaching…