Number Nine Trolley Trail Hike

This trail has been on my lists in the AllTrails app and for whatever reason, we haven’t had a chance to explore it yet. Decided on a whim to head here this Sunday. By-far one of the best hikes in Baltimore!

The trail as such is a tarred path winding up Ellicot city with multiple streams on either side. We decided to veer off on one of the sub-trails (Red trail) for some quality time out in the woods. With a mild breeze and a looming cloud shower, Shasta slept through most of it. Definitely heading back here later with Appa!

GPX from Garmin Connect.

Loch Raven Reservoir Hike

Well, not quite! The main trail was closed out for repairs so we ended up exploring the woods around the reservoir. We haven’t explored this section much, so it was good coming back here after a long time. Lot’s of bush-whacking and getting lost, which was good! Weather was very accommodating.

Alberta road – Thru trail Hike

At the end of our last week’s hike I sensed we were close to a small dam but we didn’t quite get to that point . Wanted to explore that section and also cover the Alberta road trail. Meena and I head out this afternoon with the kids. While the trail was beautiful and the kids did have a real good time, I didn’t quite feel great. With temps reaching 85+ and absolutely no breeze, I was so glad when we were done with the hike. Totally about 2.5 miles.

This section of the Thru trail also had quite a few options for kayaking and rock climbing. Will definitely get back here later to spend time near the water.

Old Main line and Daniels’ loop hike

Planned to hike the Alberta Road Thru trail but ended hiking the Old Main Line and Daniels’ loop since that’s where we found parking! Thanks to the Lock-down lift-off, the weekend and a terrific weather.

This turned out to be one of those random trail finds which I’ll truly cherish. Beautiful trail views as you ascend onto old main line and drop back on the Daniels’ section with the river on your left. Bright sunshine, gentle breeze and a good nippy climate absolutely made our day! Rounded out about 3 miles as we made our way back to the car.

Red Run Hike

Nancy was itching for a run and we finally decided to take her outdoors. We hiked/ran about 2 miles starting out at Dolfield Blvd and into the woods instead of the regular paved section. I’d biked here last year so I was decently familiar with this section of the trail. Let her explore on her own as I trailed behind. We decided to turn around at the point where the trail leads on to the Soldier’s delight Natural environmental area.

Crisp, bright weather! Shasta had a ball of time outdoors too. Her first outing in now almost two months post the Covid19 outbreak!