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When a Smart City Is Run on the Blockchain

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About a year ago, the Crown Prince of Dubai announced a plan to secure government documents on the blockchain by 2020, making it the first blockchain-powered city, ever. Dubai’s blockchain strategy is built on three pillars: government efficiency, industry creation, and international leadership. Just read: When a Smart City Is Run on the Blockchain  …

Does Dark Matter Harbor Life?

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Even though we know that ordinary matter accounts for only about one-twentieth of the universe’s energy and a sixth of the total energy carried by matter (with dark energy constituting the remaining portion), we nonetheless consider ordinary matter to be the truly important constituent.

Is Quantum Theory About Reality or What We Know?

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Physicists know how to use quantum theory—your phone and computer give plenty of evidence of that. But knowing how to use it is a far cry from fully understanding the world the theory describes—or even what the various mathematical devices scientists use in the theory are supposed to mean.