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The 440LX and me

The 440LX is no more!

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My first off the system post from a friends machine. My dear system buckled down totally today and looking at the symptoms there’s every reason for me to believe it has breathed it’s last! 🙁 The final moments it did throb to the core and when it missed the beat hell went loose. Moments before…


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A few days back I was trying to edit my login screen in windows. Things really didn’t work out the way I wanted it to and the system was left in an unstable state.I always have a stripped down Win98 installed to have a quick Xp re-installation in case things don’t work out fine. I…

Harnessing the power of the 440LX

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Well, If you are still wondering what the 440LX is all about…it’s the chipset that my PC has been thriving on for the past nine years : -)  , and is still kicking on. Taking into consideration the burden that I have put on it for the past two years in terms of incessant formatting…