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Owning my Garmin data

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Over the last month, I took some time to build a tiny WordPress plugin that fetches data from my garmin connect platform and displays it on my website. Currently the workflow only pulls activity data from the platform – which was my focus for this month. With modifications to the python script, I think this can be extended further to fetch any type of data from the platform.

May 7, 2021 14:31

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Earlier this week, I came across this nifty python tool that lets you backup all your garmin data from the Garmin-Connect platform. I wrote a crude WordPress plugin to parse the json files over and display the data on my website here. The tool is kind of unstable because it essentially ‘mimics’ a regular Garmin-connect…

Moving files from all subdirectories without the tree structure

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Appa, who’s very active on Facebook, recently wanted an easy way to sift through his old videos and photos that were up on his account. I decided to take a dump of his data from the network using the download your information section. I initiated the process with just a few clicks and after a…

Network auto-latch

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I realised the raspberry pi that hosts my nextcloud setup wasn’t quite latching back on to the network if the router was turned off or if the internet was sketchy. Was a pain to hard boot the device manually to reset it. Decided to write a short script to reset the network connection when it…


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As planned a few days back, I rewrote some back-end code to minimize the dependency on the workflow app and better integrate with direct desktop publishing. But for a  few isolated kinks, this should be set. This should now give me more flexibility to post from indie publishing platforms and set the stage for other enhancements.