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Where the Sun Don’t Shine

If there's one thing you were to listen to today, let it be this! August 25, 2012. Apparently that's when they estimate the voyager crossed the final frontier and entered interstellar space. Cruising at about 35,000 miles/hour it's the ONLY man made object to enter these realms...All this with technology that's 45 years old! Podcast:… Continue Reading

Podcast: Breaking News

We're building tools that will push us not to trust ANYTHING we see at levels much worse than where we already stand. Visual media will possibly get heavily diluted(polluted) and then possibly written media will gain more prevelance? Bookmark: Breaking News Today, two new technological tricks that together could invade our most deeply held beliefs… Continue Reading

#779: Shrimp Fight Club

The nuclear force under water. Nature trumps all ingenuity. Podcast: #779: Shrimp Fight Club What happens when an unstoppable shrimp meets an unmovable senator? A researcher goes to Washington to defend herself, her shrimp, and science itself. Srikanth Perinkulam Continue Reading

#778: What the Falcon’s Up With Qatar?

The power dynamics in the middle east, the unending civil unrest in Syria, the recent spike in terrorist activities in London and Paris, ..and a ton of other things that go unreported...There's so much negative force playing in the air! Around 20 people are displaced forcefully from their homes every minute..This is insane! We are… Continue Reading

Reality Part One

Srikanth Perinkulam This one totally flipped my view of bears! While I'll still stand by 'everything in moderation', I now have this urge to head to Eagles nest to experience that contact! Right now! Podcast: Reality Part One How is it that two neighbors can look out their window at the exact same thing, and… Continue Reading

Null and Void

Yet another brilliant podcast from Radiolab. The first time I heard about the jury system here in the US, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a concept I never knew existed and while weighing the pros and cons of the system, I could never really decide which side weighed more. This talk runs along that fine ridge and broaches - jury nullification, yet another mighty 'toolset' the jury holds. Continue Reading