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Millennium Bear Cafe ride

  • SSP 

Bike-Brunch-Bike day. 12 miles in total. With temps at 80 and heavy headwind, the uphill at Millenium Park totally reminded me of Tamhini ghat.

Baker loop

  • SSP 

Chalked out a neat 5mi loop. VFW via baker school leading on to Baker Street, Brookline St and then back to Lagrange via vine st. Need to get flat brakes for the bike. A nice motor would help too while on the hills. Sunset at 19:20! Phew!


  • SSP 

8.5 miles. To The arboretum and back via Jamaica pond. Should get back here for the hills sometime soon. Bright and sunny with the temps hovering around 50s. Miss Me had her day long yoga fest.

Arnold ride

  • SSP 

Arnold Arboretum and back. 12 miles in total in mild rain and sub 30F temps. Getting back to this after a while now. Feels so good!