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Warmup, {30 seconds each, 30 seconds break – Planks, Hollow hold, Burpees, Plank touches, Squat jumps, Flutter kicks, Knee-to-elbow, Ab cycles, Lying down-standing up} x 3, Cool-down

2021-05-29 15:41:03 – The Quad 03/30 🤸 Cardio for 00:45:02
Calories : 246
💓 : 113

May 28, 2021 20:16

It just struck me today how much I love writing crude, rewarding code. The type that is just sufficient to get the job done and that which ‘scratches your itch’ and might probably be useful for someone else too.

I am not a software developer. Never been one. My day job is far, far from it. It’s been more than a decade that I’ve worked in a software firm. And even when I did, a good bunch of my time then was spent of mainframe code [Rexx / JCL] and Change Management.

All code that I write today is self-taught. Which is probably why it’s crude? But beautiful it is, because it challenges me to think of logic first and semantics next. It pushes me to find the quickest way possible because I know exactly what I want it to do. And most importantly it keeps my mind fired and active!


Warmup, {3 Squat jumps 3 cross touches (each side), 3 laying down+standups, 15 Jumping Jacks} x AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in 25 mins, Cool-down

2021-05-27 17:08:51 – The Quad 02/30 🤸 Cardio for 00:42:22
Calories : 294
💓 : 125


30 Minutes of great breath work and standing ashtanga sequence.

Ashtanga Standing : 🧘 Ashtanga for 00:30:00
Calories : 103


Meena won a 30-Day workout program from one of her many escapades on the internet. Thanks The Quad! We did a bootcamp a decade back while in Pune. That was fun and hoping this would be too!

Warmup, {15s Plank/Shoulder Cross-touch, 15s Squats, 10s Burpees, 20s Rest} x 25, Cool-down

Quad 30 Day : 🤸 Cardio for 00:25:00
Calories : 205