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This page collates all 'micro-posts' written either directly on this portal or via social-readers. Responses and/or other interactions to posts shared on external social networks [, Twitter, Mastodon etc.] are back-fed to the corresponding posts. Thanks Indieweb!


The folks at Sidetracked come up with some really interesting stories and terrific outdoor captures. Their RSS feed leaves a lot to be desired though…

3-2-1 Backup

Ouch! After a good couple years of unhindered access, I’ve lost (remote) access to my RPI server. I’m guessing an auto upgrade might have disabled wireguard or flushed the  ip table rules. I should have had a secondary connection to the remote network since I did anticipate this happening sometime! Well, until I have physical access to the server, I’ll have to bank on my cold flash drive backups! So glad I have multiple accessible copies of the data files!

Monarca Expedition

@Miraz Beautiful! Reminded me of the Monarch butterfly and this terrific paragliding expedition – Memory transcending generations!

Replied to (

Our Swan Plant had one microscopic Monarch caterpillar on it when a friend offered to bring some of her surplus caterpillars round. Of course I accepted. Hers are much much bigger.
Large Monarch caterpillar on a Swan Plant.

Fall cleaning

Black Friday week is a great time to unsubscribe or delete your inactive accounts! Most portals reach out offering ‘deals’ around this time and this is just enough to nudge me to ‘clean up’ my subscriptions. I skimmed through the emails I received over the last year and was shocked to find that 130 different portals had my e-mail address! Time to crank up ‘Kill-the-newsletter‘ and feed my feed-reader.

Using Your Nervous System to Enhance Your Immune System

This recent podcast from Dr. Huberman on boosting the immune system was super insightful! A tad bit long but so worth the listen.

This episode teaches you a lot about the immune system, immune-brain interactions and offers 12 potential tools for enhancing immune system function. Dr. Huberman discusses how our immune system works and science-supported tools we can use to enhance our immune system.

He discusses the innate and adaptive immune systems and our various microbiomes—not just in our gut but also in our nose, eyes and mouth and how to keep them healthy. And he reviews how specific patterns of breathing and foods maintain a healthy mucosal barrier that is crucial for fighting infections. Dr. Huberman discusses how certain neurochemicals called catecholamines enhance our immune system function and how to use specific breathing protocols, types and timing of heat and cold exposure, and if appropriate, supplementation to activate catecholamines. He also discusses the role and use of serotonin for the sake of accessing the specific types of sleep for recovering from illness, and he discusses how to increase glymphatic “washout” of brain debris during sleep. Dr. Huberman also reviews fever, the vagus nerve and the use of atypical yet highly effective compounds for rhinitis (nasal inflammation).