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Visapur-Lohagad hike

L made me promise on Saturday night that I wouldn’t cancel the hike next morning. She had every reason to be doubtful since we’d cancelled the Rajgad hike earlier today. After our K2S hike last night neither Ankur nor I were in a mood to venture out in the heat.  What we didn’t know however was that she traded a sleepover with her friend for the Saturday morning hike to Rajgad. With us on the hills all last night and bad network reception things fell between the cracks. Amends were made and we chalked out a plan to head to Lohagad/Visapur on Sunday first thing in the morning.

I’ve been here once during monsoon. With cascades in all directions, this is one terrific monsoon hike. Turns out, the Visapur stretch is a great summer hike too. The rocky path all the way up to the fort makes it quite interesting and challenging. S had a terrific time sitting in the carrier and commanding me to  climb faster! We made it to the top of the fort just before the heat started kicking in. Spent quite sometime exploring the vast fort contours and now arid interiors. Devoured several glasses of lemon juice and Thak before making our way back to the car. My calves were screaming of their presence on every step downhill. Such bliss and yet another reminder to continue scouting for such opportunities to explore the outdoors even more.

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