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6 miler with just a raccoon sighting. Good pace finishing out in 1:10. The coyotes seem to be hibernating!

Frog Skating

I’ve never ever done Ice Skating before. Will say no more!

The right foot kept rolling out. Possibly the shoe. Most likely my foot. Absolute fun, nevertheless.



8 mile early AM run. VFW loop. Had to get this done in the morning to keep the evening free for some ice skating!

Badass of the Week: Cliff Young – StumbleUpon

“I grew up on a farm where we couldn’t afford horses or four wheel drives… whenever the storms would roll in, I’d have to go out and round up the sheep. We had 2,000 head, and we have 2,000 acres. Sometimes I would have to run those sheep for two or three days. It took a long time, but I’d catch them. I believe I can run this race; it’s only two more days. Five days. I’ve run sheep for three.”

Source: Badass of the Week: Cliff Young – StumbleUpon

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