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So far So long…

Quite a few things have changed since I last wrote. It’s been a while. Actually quite some time.   It’s not that I’ve not been visiting this space, just that a few other things took unprecedented limelight.

As I sit here on the NJ transit commuting back from work a class, I finally decided to get back to recording those shifts in my life over the past two years. To start with I’m now married for about a year now to a then colleague of mine at TeachforIndia. It started with that defining moment when I heard her shout across the hallway to another colleague about a bike ride. At the end of two years, she not only convinced me to tie the knot right after the fellowship but also join her dad’s freshly relaunched company.  A wonderful wedding led us down south to Chennai. Right after the wedding, Meena[Me] had plans to head to UCAL, Berkeley for her masters. She’d petitioned for my visa to the US and then I had absolutely no idea what I’d be doing here besides running a few marathons. Just a couple of days before she flew out, the university got back to her stating she couldn’t join that term as she didn’t have the mandatory 16 years of education. Me joined me in helping her dad at the SOHO where we tutored and counselled students for GRE and GMAT. This was besides elaborate meetings with several people and universities on niche courses we could bring to the table. In hindsight – The tremendous learning curve, opportunity to meet some really brilliant people, staying with the Bhaskars and  besides working day in and out with one of the smartest people I’ve met so far;  negated all the qualms I ever had over moving to Chennai.

Over time, work on the visa front picked up pace and it looked like we had to plan to move to the US.  On a random drive back home,  I remember discussing with Me on our plans in general and that’s when it struck us as to why not I apply to a couple of schools just as  a backup option. Me’s dad had always felt I was a brilliant fit for an Actuarial Career. Since I’ve always wanted to pursue a masters I planned to do it in something that would really connect the dots. Amidst all the domestic travel we got the applications out in about  a week. After a couple of weeks, Columbia got back with an admit offer and I happily accepted. We moved to the US late in march. It’s been about two months now and I’m just about two weeks into my masters. Me swiftly worked on her Life-guard and Coaching certification and should soon start coaching swimmers in the next month. Something that she’s been wanting to do over a long time. Well, that’s where we stand now.

9 thoughts on “So far So long…”

    Swaram says:

    Glad to see an update here. Gud luck with everything 🙂

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Thanks, Swaram. Hope things are going great with you!

    Viral says:

    Good to hear back…never knew a shout could get u hooked, for life! And Shivangi is making use of her vacation to finally learn to play n the pool, missing the services of a super US certified coach 🙂

    Njoi n tc

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Well, it did! 🙂 You don’t need one with you around. How’s the running season like this year?

    airborne says:

    Hmmm. That’s a good wrap-up!

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Thanks, bugger. BTW..Jux didn’t last long!

    airborne says:

    :/ Do you even read the replies you get on Twitter, married man?

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Read. Yes, I do. Amazon AWS?

    airborne says:

    Yes, that. Would to want to ?

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