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Looking back at 2010…

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Over the past few months, there’s a lot thats been happening; but for some reason I just didn’t take the time out to visit this space. With the school closed down for the Christmas break and keeping up with the self imposed rule of updating my blog every year-end, here’s a quick snapshot  of ‘my’ 2010.

This year has been quite interesting from various perspectives. Looking back, the major checkpoints[not necessarily listed in order] this year  would be:

  • Ran the infamous Auroville half marathon and vowed never to stop running!
  • Resigned from Infosys to join TeachforIndia. [leaving an awesome team behind and making one profound shift in my career.]
  • Met Paruammai, attended a close friends wedding and more importantly explored Kerala like never before.
  • Joined TFI and reveled in the five week long induction programme.
  • Couldn’t resist the temptation to do the Katraj-Sinhagad night trek [Twice on successive weekends!] amidst the rigour of he institute.
  • Missed spending quality time with family!
  • Reported to Epiphany School where I’ve been teaching IInd grade kids for the past six months and probably continue to do so for the next 1.5yrs.
  • Paid obeisance to the rain god by trekking the Kenjalgad fort [First monsoon trek by DH.]
  • Hiked up to the Ahupe village to take some time out and celebrate yet another important milestone.
  • Visited the Khadakwasla dam.[Failed executing  the rock band idea though!]
  • Revisited[Hiked] Koraigad, Rajmachi and Ratangad.
  • Rode to Khadakwasla dam [Got back to the byke after a long break of 5 months!]
  • Registered for the MBL course by Distance education mode from NLSIU.
  • Visited the Korlai fort [Didn’t byke this time!]
  • Registered for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon[My first Full Marathon!] and raised about 9500Rs. for TFI.
  • Ran the Pune Half marathon.[ Well, actually ran a 25!]
  • Turned 25 Years! Woohoo!
  • Ran the Goa River Marathon.
  • Witnessed Shreks’ [a co-fellow] wedding in Vizag.
  • Was gifted a Hookah, a mobile speaker , some invaluable coupons and a heart rate monitor!
  • Realised that I could afford to save more than I thought I could.
  • Squared in and took some real important decisions.
  • Vowed to stick on to Ubuntu TOTALLY.

Well that kind of summarizes the year that’s been till date. Tomorrow hopefully I would run a sweet 30k to siphon off 2010  and usher in 2011 and for some reason, I have this gut feeling that the next year would be even more eventful than this year.

Wishing you [And myself!] an awesome and happening year ahead….

4 thoughts on “Looking back at 2010…”

    That’s an awesome year you’ve had.

    Wish you a great year ahead! 🙂

    Sameer Panchangam

    That’s an awesome list… I cant think of even a few 🙂
    Good luck bro! Hope 2011 gets lot better!!

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