The Ratangad Trek

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  1. Thanks for the excellent description that you have put out there for us.. My friends and I are planning a trek to Ratangad ourselves next week..A couple of questions I needed to ask you
    1) Does it cost any money to live in those caves?
    2)Is it possible to cook up at the fort, if so, how?
    3) Any recommended eating places at the nearby village( Ratanwadi or any other) ?
    4)How safe is it to spend a night in the cave (Threat from any creatures e.g. monkeys, snakes etc.)? Will it be dry as in protected from the rain?

    1. Thanks Krupa. Ratangad is relatively a frequently visited fort. You do not have to pay anyone to stay there in the cave. It can accommodate about 50 people and should give you a decent shelter from rain. People do cook up there. You may want to take some ready to eat stuff and light up a fire from the shrubs. [Given that its the rainy season you may not find dry ones though.] Villagers would be more than willing to provide food. Or you can just carry Theplas! Monkeys may give you company so just be a bit wary :). Hope you have a safe trek!

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