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Just one morsel for that hungry soul!

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Five days back, our Bai ditched us for a few days and left for her native. Lazy bums at times that we are, Adi and I drove down to a close by restaurant for dinner. We’d heard of this place called ‘Rasoi Ghar’ quite some time back and just thought of giving it a shot. Rasoi ghar was just a few hundred yards from the usual place where we’ve been having dinner for the past few days. So we just walked in and gave the order.

 All of a sudden this particular poster caught my attention. Need I say a word more? And mind you..This was just a normal shop by the roadside…

Next time you’re on your dining table and everytime you say that ‘Yuck’ when you taste something not so tasty hope you’ll  recollect this poster !!

Hat’s off to the owner of Rasoi Ghar!

1 thought on “Just one morsel for that hungry soul!”

    Good one..

    I ll take a print of it and post it on a wall in my apartment. [:D] coz all that is to ppl like me… [:P]

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