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Damn! It’s all black!

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Having something of you own definitely costs you a penny more!

I moved over my WordPress blog to a self hosted domain about a month back. It wasn’t much of a problem to start out with. But of late the loose threads are soon popping up!  Server down time, FTP issues, Database issues , linking issues to name a few.

After hooking to bland white themes for quite some time I thought I’d transition to a few dark themes. Wanted to use Red but then I realised I alone wouldn’t be reading  the posts on this blog. So settled for Black! Scouted for a couple of themes for my blog and baselanded on the elegant DF Theme. To relate it to my blog, I modified my site’s theme to black as well. All looked rosy(ROSY? 😉 ) on my Desktop with Firefox.  They blended well in IE too. Safari was never an issue. It only made the site look Royal! Tweaked the font size et al and finally it was all set up.

About two weeks later, people soon started dropping their comments! The color ain’t jelling! , Where’s the text? , Change the font! . Fools! Don’t they have a color sense? One more week passed and still the same comments. Nut Cases! Give them some aesthetic senses!

I never understood their suggestion…till today! I happened to check my site and blog on a different system , on a different browser with different settings at a different place ( not on my desktop at home) . And I realise how bad a testing I’d done when setting up my site. All I could see was BLACK. The font wasn’t visible, the contrast was too bad, the voting widget was all jacked up and , the comments tag was a bit too confusing , people were responding to one post instead of another, the tags were being misplaced. In a gist, The whole site was in a mess and it still is! What a jerk I was, to set my LCD monitors brightness and Contrast settings to the max and test the display! Sigh!

Folks! Really sorry for having neglected your suggestions!

I’m currently having very limited access to internet and my company’s Internet policies prohibits me from accessing login to my site! It’s a pity , this site and blog is to remain in a sad state of affairs as long as I’m in the Pune campus 🙁 . That ideally translates to another month or till I manage to get an accomodation somewhere in the City!

So till I manage to set things right, I’m just hoping your monitor’s display settings are set to make this site/blog readable. Too much of an expectation, but still that’s the best I can ask for! 🙂

And thanks a ton for your comments. Lest I would still be basking in twilights glory!

2 thoughts on “Damn! It’s all black!”

    Hey, Same is the problem with my site too… i am trying to fit in something that will suit my needs, but am not finding one. Hope to see your site’s new look soon.

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