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Another day down the drain…

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Got home pretty late yesterday night after a small get together at Papaji da dhaba. No particular reason as such. Pavan had come to Hyd for a short visit post his training at Satyam- Chennai. Besides, Aditya and I are leaving for Pune this week on a short term transfer. Four of us ( Abi being the fourth) were more or less room mates all through our Engineering lyf at Kanchi. To spruce things up we had Domz joining us 🙂 . Doma is one hell of a person to be with! All thanks to his childish innocence! 🙂

I was in no mood to sleep after getting back home. So i picked up my Guitar to try a few notes. It’s actually been quite a while that I’ve laid my hands on it. Somehow things kept me busy and getting back to the Guitar was one beautiful experience. A couple of months back while at Bangalore, I ‘d learnt to play KHNH’s theme song. With no practice, KHNH doles out pretty bad from my hands now but it’s only a few days before I get back to my professional level 😉 .

And now there’s this Pune transfer lurking round the corner 🙁 !

4 thoughts on “Another day down the drain…”

    awesome post sri….i was like a dumbi commenting on wordpress 😆 n ur site is awesome….i thought ki dat dabba site was a lil dull by ur standards…bt dis is typical sri….u rock dear….

    hi mate, nice to see your own site. I feel the color combination and theme could be better for your kinda posts.

    Touching post man!
    Btw u should tell us about how you moved to this attractive new place to blog!!

    I just realised that 🙁 ! Would take some time to modify it. No admin access to my site here 🙁 .
    It pretty much was one touching experience! Regarding the site hosting..I Just woke one day, got a bolt from the blue to setup something, made some e-transfer, a coupla late nights and this was up 🙂

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