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It’s about 1:00 am now. I hit the bed and for no reason start looking back in the past reasoning out my future. Just couldn’t keep myself thinking so thought I’d better keep a record of it πŸ™‚ !

The year 2008 seems to be quite promising! It’s not been even a month, and I’ve managed to junk my otherwise boring lyf right by the groins! Some things turned out as planned and most propped up just out of the blue all culminating to one reasonable goal. At times, this reminds me of ‘Zahir’. Not that I particularly liked the book , but a few fundas that Coelho talks seem to be fall right in place.

There’s nothing remarkable that has happened. But still it’s those small victories that gives you the satisfaction and that is what, I believe , is really important.

Para-Gliding: I’d been thinking of learning to para-glide by this year end. This Jan 15th , during Sankaranthi, instead of flying kites I flew myself πŸ™‚ ! I’d been to Hoskote for Para-sailing. Para-sailing is in no way a preparatoy step towards Para-gliding, but when you realise you are inching towards something that you’d aimed to accomplish, that’s the best moral support you can have.

French: French was a language I was always passionate about. Thankfully, I got an oppurtunity to learn spoken french right in the campus. What else could I have asked for? Positively, by this Feb end, I’d have a reasonable command over the language. It’s gonna take quite some time for me to get a hang of it but still the first and the main step is taken!

Dancing: I’ve never danced on stage. But wait , that was till today evening. I just happened to participate in an inter IBU dance competition. The event Mythri – 08 was held by the IVS IBU and am actually thankful to them. But for them , I never would have realised how logically easy dancing was. I’ve no inhibitions in jumping on a DJ floor, I’ve done it several times before, but then a performance before a massive crowd is something which I wouldn’t even have dreamt of doing. This was my first ever stage performance. It wasn’t all that fabulous but believe me it’s given me the confidence of taking part in any other dance event! Besides, it’s also taught me that the real happiness is not in winning but realising that you’ve made that initiative to win. Sooner or later, you’d be able to make a mark!

Action points!

Guitar: It’s been a while that I’ve practised on the Guitar. I’ve realised attending classes alone is not helping me much. So once the french classes are done, this is something I really want to get back to!Swimming: Swimming is the only sport that I’m interested in and something to which I can manage to give full dedication. It’s high time I use my potential and scale up. Gotta participate in competitions and get the clock ticking.

Adventure: My latest passion! I’d be participating in the National level Adventure race, Enduro3 taking place this feb in Pune. To be frank, I’m participating, not to win. It’s more about the exposure that I’m looking forward to. From what I understand, this is not a place where any Tom , Dick or Harry is gonna groove in. People practise for weeks with diligence to make it up there and it’s only being amidst them will I really understand what it takes to be there! May cost me a bit in terms of both physical and monetory exertion, but then you need to make a choice.

Adventura-Hyd: I plan to start an Adventure group based from Hyderabad in lines with AdVentura- Bangalore. It’s just about twining the loose threads now. A few days of late nights after my french thingy and things should fall in place. This has to be done!

Certifications: Besides finishing my internal certifications at the earliest, I plan to do a couple of certifications in Open Source. In technology, if there’s something that really interests me, its only UNIX and Open Source. I’ve not yet got into the nitty gritty of things. But that’s soon going to happen!

This is all that is looming in my grey cells for now. Got a Republic day Marathon in the Campus tomorrow. Something which I simply do not want to miss.

So Bonne nuit! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Futurescaping!”

    good 4 u sri…..wish i cld just pack up like u and go 2 other cities……u rock baby……

    it’s those small victories that gives you the satisfaction and that is what, I believe , is really important.

    That is what motivation is all about πŸ™‚

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