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Auto drivers…

I picked an auto today to get back home from Vidyanagar. Was really tired and was in no mood to get back hanging in those RTC buses. I randomly stopped an auto and got into it. The driver had his son by his side. They were having muffled conversations and I just couldn’t help not listening. His wife was terminally ill and things were really getting worse. They didn’t have money to pay hospital bills and that’s the reason why he’s still driving people to their destinations just to earn some money to make ends meet. What was more touching was half way through the driver started singing songs loudly to cheer up the kid! It was probably a way of giving vent to his emotions. What else could he do!

Today I realized, there’s a lot that we get to learn from these people. Busy in our own world all that we’re bothered of is about the fare that they charge us. None of us ever try to get into their shoes and understand the reason for their demand. Driving is their only means of livelihood and it’s business for them. Something that their family depends upon. Moreover the onus is higher since they are more or less on a lower rung economically. I don’t mean to say just pay what he’s asking for. It’s a different case if he’s demanding exuberant amounts, But why squabble for a few rupees? It wouldn’t do you any good but then it could mean a world of a difference to him!!

Just hoping his wife gets well soon!

1 thought on “Auto drivers…”

    arvind says:

    well…thats kinda emotional …
    yes,sometimes we get too busy in our work yo notice anything going around…
    hope everything would be fine for him 🙂

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