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The girl by the window!

I leave home by around 7am to work by bus everyday. It’s about an hours drive from my place and I tend to calculate how early or how late I am based on the relative presence or occurrence of other regular happenings around me. The bus gets to the outskirts by crossing a few posh areas in the city so it’s quite common to see International school buses drive past you. There’s this particular bus that I get to notice almost everyday about 100 yards from the Hitec city building. It’s not the bus that catches my attention. It’s a girl sitting by the third window in the bus.

The first day I notice her she’s on a call with someone. The second day I see her, she’s still with that sleek jazzy cell phone. I unfortunately doze the next two days. Yesterday I managed to wake just in time and boy what do i see! She’s again busy talking with someone. Now, I really start wondering what’s wrong with her. All the Kids in the bus are hopping around. She’s the only female who’s dwelling in her own world. She’s probably just in her tenth. I’m least bothered whom she’s talking to but then something definitely seems to be out of place. Even before I get a good look at her, the bus zips across. Today morning I try staying awake just to have that quick look at her. This time it so happens that both our buses move in sync, I afford a quick turn to my left at the right moment and look ahead. It is then that something registers in my mind. Wait! Something is really wrong! I turn to my left again and observe a bit more keenly. Painting!!! That was a damn art work on the third window! 😯

It wasn’t a girl after all. Just one wholesome, beautiful, artistic work of someone really skilled! I still have no clue why an International school bus should have an artwork of a girl, that too with a cellphone on just one of it’s windows. It did keep me smiling all day through though! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The girl by the window!”

    Riddhima says:

    man……i sometimes wonder hw dis guy manages to write so much n dat 2 in so much detail!!!!! i read sri’s blogs….just 2 c his choice of words!!!! i mean his choice of words flow like fluid poetry(wow!!! even m good with words na???)….maybe i’ll gice sri solid competition in d writing dept!!!!….till then sri plz keep on writing….coz i loooovvveeeeee reading ur blog…u rock dear…take care…..

    arvind says:

    for am moment there’s something interesting coming up next…
    but ALAS!! ah.., its ok ..may be sometime later..

    arvind says:

    by the way it looked like a short story i used to read in CHAMPAK while i was 8 or 10…
    y dont u try that…?? 🙂

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Thanks for that feedback! 🙂
    CHAMPAK was something that I used to read way back when I was in my sixth grade! Loved reading that. I’m not really sure if it’s still being published. Wouldn’t mind laying my hands on it even now…
    and oh yeah, the ‘BUT’ Effect was real bad! 🙂

    arvind says:

    hey i guess u r using too much of orkut nowadays..
    see [:)] clearly is an orkut effect 🙂

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Boy! Did I just notice that?

    Anyways, I know where to strike the chord. So it’s pretty much OK! 🙂

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