The girl by the window!

7 thoughts on “The girl by the window!”

  1. @Ridz
    Thanks for that feedback! 🙂
    CHAMPAK was something that I used to read way back when I was in my sixth grade! Loved reading that. I’m not really sure if it’s still being published. Wouldn’t mind laying my hands on it even now…
    and oh yeah, the ‘BUT’ Effect was real bad! 🙂

  2. man……i sometimes wonder hw dis guy manages to write so much n dat 2 in so much detail!!!!! i read sri’s blogs….just 2 c his choice of words!!!! i mean his choice of words flow like fluid poetry(wow!!! even m good with words na???)….maybe i’ll gice sri solid competition in d writing dept!!!!….till then sri plz keep on writing….coz i loooovvveeeeee reading ur blog…u rock dear…take care…..

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