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My first Guitar class and the KID!

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In the last two months there’s never been a day when I’ve woken before 6:00 am. I’ve broken that principle today 🙂

Well, I had my first class in Guitar today! And lemme tell you, it was just great!Had a cup of coffee and left on my Harley Davidson to Melowings…was right there at 7:00am . I was the only student there and the instructor began outright. No formalities, no courtesies.. down to the point!! He started off teaching me the basics of deciphering the notes , reading them , understanding them and finally translating them to your finger’s. I was like…Man!! This easy huh!Why didn’t I learn it by myself?..Done with the explanations on the staff,the treble clef, the semi breve, the minim , the crotchet and the other basic lingua franca of instruments and the notes, he handed me over a Guitar and taught me how to hold it 🙂 Only while doing it practically did I understand how difficult things can be..Phew! I had to read the notes, understand them, translate them to my fingers and everything in synchronism!..and even before I started striking the first chord right..this guy tells me, I am not to look at the guitar while playing. Huh!..could things get any better??

Their tag line says…Music improves concentration.I bet! I’m gonna beat Einstein by the time I learn playing a song on the instrument 🙂 All set and done , I just managed to finish playing the note he had provided me , just once with herculian difficulty, when a kid , probably of 8 yrs walks into the room, picks up his Guitar, places his notes on the table and starts playing elegantly . Here I am , trying to locate my fingers on the frets and this guy mockingly plays it wham wham with his fingers.

Hey! Where’s all my concentration? Barely managed to finish just another chord when he throws a bomb shell on me…Need any help? Boohoo.. I’ve never felt this bad even when i used to fail in my tests in my Fifth grade!! 🙁 Just said..Thanks! am fine and kept rattling the guitar. He then gives me a sarcastic smile and walks out!!! Where the heck in this Earth do I hide my face!!

Just hoping against hope he doesn’t come tomorrow. Anyways.. Calvin would be accompanying me … Atleast senior to him by a day 🙂

6 thoughts on “My first Guitar class and the KID!”

    Abhirama says:

    aaha! yet another guitar learner! yet another jimmy page or eric clapton in the making?

    long time, how are you?

    Srikanth says:

    @ Abhi
    Nah! Just got a call from Eminem 🙂

    jnarin says:

    Never hesitate to ask for help. In case you are struggling, and someone offers you their hand, grab it. 🙂 It doesn’t really matter who is helping you. It could be a kid or an old man.
    There’s a lot of things that we don’t notice in kids, and once you see it from their perspective, you’ll know what makes him learn faster.

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Sorted the matter out. We are in good terms now. 🙂

    sujay says:

    hi guys its great to now that u all r frm melowings .crazy.

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Appreciate your comment! But It’d be much better if I could know who this is! 🙂

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