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Over the last 12 years, I have deployed and continue to maintain custom-built, cost-effective applications and solutions for my clients. If you or your organization needs something built,  schedule a call to discuss.


Here’s a short summary of the projects I’ve worked on and can help build seamlessly:

  • Intranets for startups, schools and firms
  • Remote and on-premises hosted solutions
  • Infrastructure setup and IT asset management
  • Communication solutions – Better alternatives to Slack / Whatsapp
  • E-mail and Exchange management
  • Privacy focused alternative social networks
  • Completely integrated content collaboration platforms
  • School Management Systems
  • Integrated video conferencing solutions
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Managed Websites / Content Management Systems
  • Digital book publishing solutions
  • Digital Signage solutions
  • Data consulting / Analytical solutions

My services entail a complete catalogue including:

  • Thought partnering to identify the appropriate technology stack
  • Migration from the current setup
  • Server and application deployment, maintenance and backup
  • On-going trainings per needs
  • Prompt issue triage and support

Need something built?

Given my skill-sets and scale of operations, I have been able to generate about 40% savings right away as you on-board and over 20% savings consistently during maintenance. I also advice on ways to streamline your processes and get more done with limited resources. Interested in knowing more?


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