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Collaboration with the power of Matrix and Riot

A secure communication and collaboration platform with decentralization at its core. With encrypted chat, audio and in-built video setup, this stack can beat to the pulse of your team’s needs. Keep your communications as closed or open as you would like!

Slack less and matter most!

Looking for a leaner stack? Get a terrific alternative to slack. You get all the benefits of slack sans the data and reliability issues.

Build your community with Known

Keep communication amidst your students or employees vibrant. This secure platform gives your staff access to a slick environment that supports blogs, status updates, video and/or image sharing and bookmark features.

Zoom out to Jitsi

Secure video conferencing right when you need it. With support for 100+ users and in-built recording and streaming capabilities, this is your one-stop solution for an in-house video-conferencing or remote work tool.

Cloud-hop to Nextcloud

Completely integrated content collaboration platform. This stack gives you file versioning, document collaboration, group shares, secure calls, notes, task management, calendar scheduling and a lot more!

Encrypted collaboration with the click of a button

Looking for a leaner stack? Get this encrypted collaboration platform.

Let your notes last forever with Trilium

Hierarchical note-taking with privacy at it’s core! This splendid alternative to Evernote has features that’ll take your note-taking to the next level!

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