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We hit the road this morning and head down south to Mahabalipuram. I of-course had my bucket-list of intriguing places that I’d like to explore on the route. However, with four kids and five adults and then the heat, I had very low expectations of exploring much. The focus was just to have more outdoor time for Shasta. All that said, we did get to cover a decent number of monuments by noon.

Now that I’ve done a recce and there are still quite a few places on this route that I want to explore, a good long bike ride is due! Would be great to get here early in the morning to soak in all the amazing history before the ‘touristy’ crowd gets in…

Pancha Rathas – Circa 600AD
Arjuna’s Penance
The Mahabalipuram lighthouse- Circa 640AD

For lunch we head over to Idler’s farm. Terrific food and rustic ambiance. The kids had a great time relaxing on the cot in the backyard overlooking the farms. Coming back here for sure!

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