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Stamp collection digitized

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About two decades ago, I chanced upon a small collection of stamps from my Dad. Thanks to friends who were also into stamps then, an amazing mail-man who’d collect and pass-on stamps from other countries over to me and not to forget Kitta Mama – our then neighbor; Over the next few years, I was able to increase the collection quite a lot.

During one of my visits to India in 2018, I digitized my stamps and uploaded them over to my personal home server. Today, while looking for something else, I came across them and decided to organize them in a gallery. I really like how it’s turned out and it’s sort of re-kindled my interest in philately! Here’s the digitized collection sorted by country.

Kitta Mama was Appa’s senior at work and our neighbor. He was well into his 70s and on those hot summer days, when we – the kids from the neighborhood would take a break from our outdoor play, he would tell us tales of his escape from Burma during the World War II. My interest in Geography and History grew solely because of him. He’s also the one who introduced us to his mega-collection of board games! One fine day in January 2000, he volunteered to drive me on his moped, to the Hospital where Amma was reeling back and forth in Coma. A speeding white ambassador accidentally(?) hit us from the rear and drove away from the scene. I was able to get him to the hospital but just not in time to save him. Those moments are etched in my memory forever and this gallery is a tribute to him and his never ending zeal to convey positivity, knowledge and wisdom.

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