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Migrating over to Trilium notes

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Trilium Web app

PS: For step-by-step instructions read this post instead

I’ve had my eyes on Trilium notes since last year. Having setup a robust docker framework earlier this year, I decided to test Trilium out. Gave it a test run this morning and am way impressed with its’ functionalities! With docker, installation was super easy and I am strongly leaning towards using Trilium as my primary note application.

The yml file to get this running on docker (swarm) is in my github gist. You’d obviously need to have docker installed, docker swarm running with the traefik container and the domain mapped as needed. My Jitsi post has this outlined further.

While I haven’t spent a fair amount of time diving deep into the setup, here’s a quick first impression:


  • Beautiful interface that can be as sparse or as detailed as you’d like it to be
  • Encrypted by default and further protected sessions for sensitive notes
  • A note-info section that details attributes and link-maps
  • Notes can be ‘cloned’ under multiple places in a tree
  • Code scripting, tables, markdown, images, files – It’s got it all!
  • Web clipper for quick screen and context grabs
  • Export and Import functionalities


  • No mobile apps yet! However, it does have a mobile front-end which should be a good alternative
  • No multi-user support yet

I was exploring Joplin as an alternative initially but decided to stick with Trilium since the Joplin app currently has limited functionality (Creating nested trees in the mobile app). Meena’s been looking at switching over from her current Evernote setup and I think this might be a terrific replacement for her. Was never really a fan of Evernote and that dislike strengthened further when I had to install the app either on a Mac or PC to export my content! I am so glad we have the strength of open-source to weigh against these silo’ist setups!

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