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Weeknote 04 – Puzzled Pixels

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A glimpse of the past week and the few articles, podcasts, tools, videos and music that captivated my attention:

Finally got around installing PixelFed on a Hetzner server. Absolutely love it! It’s truly an Instagram clone sans the tracking. The lead developer has some interesting updates up his sleeve and I am very keen to see how this project shapes up as it evolves out of beta.

Meena suggested Nik and I work on the 3D puzzle Nik’s had for quite sometime now. Worked on it till about 0200 the next day morning and finished setting up this beautiful musical box puzzle. The engineering could have been a bit more nuanced. However, had a terrific time working on this.

Managed to fit in a short 4.5mile hike along the Thru trail in Patapsco State Park. With dusk setting in and absolutely nobody else on the trail, it did feel a bit spooky being out there. Spotted a few Deers and a fox on the way back. The old Woodstock bar and the huge empty parking lot for the trail right beside the railway line was probably something that added to the eeriness of the evening!

Watched Kon-Tiki and The Lighthouse of the Orcas. Both terrific movies leaving you with the urge to do more meaningful things in life.

Interesting podcasts this week

Quanta recently announced they’re launching a new podcast! Super excited to see how this shapes up.

Interesting tools this week

Roam Research : Note-taking tool for graphed thoughts

Interesting reads this week

Why you should introduce your child to dangerous sports: Free-diving in the Caribbean

America’s search and rescue is in a state of emergency: The curse of supply and demand, and the dearth of funding and volunteers

The secretive company that might end privacy as we know it: As London moves towards introducing Facial recognition in its already present street cameras and more and more companies coming up with technology to give out personal information at the click of a button; With lack of regulation and oversight, the future is going to be one hell of a mess.


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