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Weeknote 42 – Butter tea and the marrow

  • SSP 

A glimpse of the past week and the few articles, podcasts, tools, videos and music that captivated my attention:

Watched the Sky is Pink with Meena, while Shasta stayed at home. A touching story and at some level I believe it did nudge Meena to consider signing up for the Bone Marrow registry. While I fail to understand what’s holding her (and other folks in my family) back, hoping she does see this through over the next few weeks.

Books: Started reading Butter Tea at Sunrise. Don’t quite remember when I purchased this book. Found it in an old cabin luggage which I left behind in Chennai about ten years ago.

Fitness: A decent workout week. 5k beach run and 30 mins breast-stroke swimming at MBC on Monday, 3k walk on Tuesday, 20 mins swim on Wednesday, 4k run near the Theosophical society and Besant Nagar beach on Friday and 30 mins swim at MBC and 4k run at the YMCA grounds on Saturday.

Work: With the OA scheduling information out, it’s time to start planning our trip to the west. Quite a few variables at play and I guess it’s time to start lining up those meetings!

Interesting tools this week:

  • I just gave my trusty old linux machine a good cleanup with Bleachbit. If you’re looking for a ‘digital shredder’ and want to reclaim some space across apps and installations, this is it!
  • Invidious: An alternative front-end to you-tube.

Interesting podcasts this week:

  • This story climbed Mount Washington
  • Episode 901: Bad Cops Are Expensive

Great music finds this week:

Memba-For Aisha

Videos watched this week:

Interesting reads this week:

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