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Replied to:Hyannis notes | Srikanth Perinkulam

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Philip, I dynamically add the ‘Liked:’ and ‘Replied to:’ phrase to the title of the post using some crude code in my back-end. Essentially, I use a couple of workflows to fetch the link/article details and then add the markup et al using a custom functions in my wp install. Would be more than happy to share them if you’re interested in taking a look.

Also I noticed your posts are not marked up with microformats for like and replies. The Indieweb PressThis bookmarklet should ideally add the necessary microformat markup to your posts. For some reason, It doesn’t seem to be doing so. I’ll take a look later today to see what’s transpiring there.

Depending on your publishing preference there are a few other alternatives. Not sure if you’ve explored these already:

  • Quill : Aaron’s posting interface works great on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Omnibear : Keith’s Chrome bookmarklet
  • Using the Bookmarklet Free or URL Forwarder apps on android and tweaking the settings mentioned in one of Chris Aldrich’s notes
  • The WordPress plugin developed by Colin Walker which coupled with his workflows could be used to post from an apple device.

in reply to: Hyannis notes | Srikanth Perinkulam

That previous post was an attempt to “like” this post using IndieWeb Press This. I’d used the tool successfully earlier, but this time I didn’t see the “Liked:” prefix on the post (and I don’t see the “Reply:” prefix on this one).

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