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Hyannis notes

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An early morning drive to Hyannis (almost) and back. Just that Miss Me did not hop on the ferry and decided to head home with me. She was to volunteer at the Nantucket Yoga festival which she attended last year and had a real good time.

Today morning she just didn’t ‘feel’ like being there and we decided to head back. Staying back should also give her more time to spend with Shebs as she prepares for her upcoming ICC matches. It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead and this weekend is most likely the only one, that the girls get to spend time together for some time to come now.

Early this year Miss Me and I committed to not doing activities unless we truly and really want to do it. A conscious effort to spend more quality time taking part in different things that enrich our experiences rather than ‘going with the flow’ and letting things ‘bloat’ our weekend calendar.

On that note, we have some pretty exciting weekends coming up. Later today I’d be driving over with my cousins to the Poconos for a good long session of white water rafting. Back to the frothy waters after 9 years. Pretty excited! Next weekend I plan to volunteer and/or pace overnight at the Vermont 100mile run. Last year while volunteering at Camp 10 Bear, I ended up pacing a runner who had lost his pacer. With the heavy thunderstorm, pitch black darkness and my first time pacing, I was absolutely blown away that night. In several ways, that experience transformed my outlook towards running long distances and sub-consciously pushed me to train for a 50 miler. This year we’d also be taking over some delicious vegan blondies for the runners. Can’t wait! For the July 22nd weekend we plan to hike the Franconia ridge trail with a few friends from TFI and elsewhere. This one is an attempt to dive back into my hiking endeavors. I miss those days of organizing hikes for big groups and so badly want to get back to it. Later this year, a trip to Acadia, a visit to at least one national park in Canada and long day hikes in and around the White Mountains is something that’s on the cards too.

Ten years back I was a maniac putting in long hours during weekdays just so I could keep my weekends free to explore the trails out there. Something that truly kept me going! I think I’m back to doing that now. Just that there’s a much better balance.

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