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Learning to breathe

  • SSP 
First ashtanga class at Down Under Yoga and it felt SO FREAKING GOOD! Started off with a short chant and dived straight into Sun Salutations A. The first few rounds felt pretty straight forward. But then pretty quickly I found it really hard to keep track of my breathing and the sequence. I was asked to watch as Meena and another fogi (fellow yogi) moved over to Sun Salutations B. After they practiced that for a bit, We moved over to the lotus position. Some good shoulder stretch and body holds (names of which I don’t quite remember now!) and we closed out the session with a long Shavasana. The heat in the room and the consistent nasal breathing had me sweating loads by the end.

I’m consciously working on improving my breathing and working on my core and with this brief exposure to Ashtanga, I’m psyched about its tremendous benefits. With mandated early AM classes at least thrice a week, It’s going to be a huge time commitment. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks initially as we try and work out our new schedule. Truly excited to see this through!


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